Here at Orchard House we offer a varied programme of activities and encourage our residents to continue to pursue the things that they have enjoyed doing throughout their lives, tailouring our activities to suit individual interests and hobbies.

Our morning programme offers more conventional activities for those who are more able. These include group exercise, bingo, quizes, art therapy, massage, manicures, and window sill gardening.

An example of our residents work is highlighted below, celebrating the late Van Gough “Sunflowers.”

Our afternoon activitiy programme is called Namaste’

Namaste’ focuses on sensory activities and stimulation for those who suffer from anxiety, dementia and for those who struggle to communicate. It focuses strongly onproviding a relaxing peaceful, homely environment in ourpurposelydesigned namaste’ room.

Activities include armchair travels, massage, hydration sessions, facials, luxury shaves, sensory taste testing themed around particular food or place, reminiscing sessions,through the garden gate and plenty more.



Morning Activities in the Conservatory feb 2018

Afternoon Activities in the Namaste Room feb 2018

December Morning Activities in the Conservatory 2017

December Afternoon Activities in the Namaste Room 2017

Paul our very own Guitar playing Carer, creates great atmosphere with his rhythmic tunes!